Walker River Bowmen Calendar 2013

Jul 11th – Last night of Outdoor League

Jul 12 – 14th : Year End Shoot at Sweetwater

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can try to help!

Past events:

Nov 24th – Work Day for Charity shoot & Club Championship Field tournament

Nov 25th, Sunday – WRB Arrows for Angels

Dec 1st & 2nd – NBHA Mid Winter Meeting

Dec 8th – Christmas Party!!

Dec 31st – New Year’s Eve Shoot

Jan 10th – Free Indoor Night

Jan 15th – 1st Night of Indoor League (Tuesday)

Jan 17th – 1st Thursday Night Indoor League

Jan 23,25,26 SW Sectional Indoor Mail-In
Feb 16th – WRB Flint Arrow Invitational

Feb 17th – Snow or Shine, CVA, Sunrise Pass

Feb 8-10 – NFAA World Archery Festival, Las Vegas

Feb 24th – Feb Freeze out Indoor 3-D, Reno

Mar 8-9 – NBHA State Indoor Mail-in, Reno

Mar 10th – Hell or High Water, Carson City

Mar 13,15,16 NBHA State Indoor Mail-In, Yerington

Mar 23rd Elko Indoor Safari

Mar 31 – Appreciation shoot, CVA, Sunrise Pass

April 7th – Bowhunter Ed Certification class, Reno

Apr 11th – Indoor Shoot-Off – Last night Indoor

Apr 20th – 21st –  Rendezvous

Apr 25th – 1st Night of Outdoor League

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2 Responses to Walker River Bowmen Calendar 2013

  1. Apr 13th & 14th Rendezvous – Is there a flier ?

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